Welcome to the Law Offices of Martin F. Goldman, a Professional Corporation, which is a three-attorney law firm located in the city of Los Angeles and specializing in creditors rights and civil litigation with a special emphasis in commercial collections.The firm represents a cross-section of forwarders and clients throughout the United States.  A review of the present records indicated representation of well over 500 different clients, which include members of nationwide commercial collection agencies, local agencies, direct corporate clients and fellow attorneys.

The automated systems used by this office enables it to accommodate the individual needs and idiosyncrasies of this diverse client base as well as to maintain the proper updating and degree of accuracy required in order to maintain the extreme of communications in both information and financial reporting necessary in the commercial collection field.

Because of the expansiveness of the Southern California area, this office attempts to accept claims only within the Los Angeles County area.  By doing so, we are able to maintain litigation proceedings almost exclusively in the Central District of the Los Angeles Superior Courts.  This allows for continuity of representation in the same courthouse facility, as well as a familiarity between this office, and court personnel which obviously, aids in pushing matters through the bureaucratic problems that often arise in dealing with such a large court system.